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Spatial Data Capture Services

We have provided Spatial Data Capture Services across the globe for many years.


Our specialized services include:

  • Photogrammetric data capture services for topographic mapping projects

  • Digital orthophoto processing

  • Airborne laser scanning data post processing and classification

  • GIS assets data collection

  • Point of interest (POI) surveys

  • Street level imagery collection and GIS data attribution

  • GPS RTK data collection

  • Mobile laser scanning data collection and assets survey

  • 3D modelling

  • Hydrographic surveys


Our specialized team can be on your project site whenever needed for field data collection. Generally data manipulation and interpretation is undertaken in one of our offices, but if the source data cannot be exported due to time constraints or security concerns by local authorities, we can mobilize an experienced team to process data 'in-country'.


Additionally we can provide specialist services to the client desiring to hire a photogrammetric workstation and experienced photogrammetrist for engineering design support in the field. We will dispatch the photogrammetrist together with a 3D viewing workstation, with photogrammetric software preloaded, to the site for accurate interpretation of the terrain model, water shed basins, hydrology, geological interpretation and vegetation mapping, etc.


Our specialist teams have previously been mobilized to some of the most sensitive regions in the world including Afghanistan, Sudan and Yemen.

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