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Geocomp International is an Australian based Spatial Data Acquisition and Consulting company which supplies specialized services to a range of industries that require up to date spatial solutions for their projects. We have developed a reputation and proven track record for Project Management and Consultancy services that meet client expectations.


We provide a full range spatial data capture services including photogrammetry, digital orthophotos, airborne & terrestrial laser scanning, point of interest surveys, street level image collection, hydrographic surveys and GNSS surveys.

Aerial Data Acquisition & Processing

We specialize in aerial data acquisition and can manage all aspects of your project. This includes flight planning, leasing of cameras and LiDAR plus supply of experienced personnel such as flight managers, pilots, navigators and camera operators. We can also provide aircraft with suitable camera holes.

Geographical Information Systems

We offer GIS based solutions to clients, ranging from collection and merging of new data with existing databases, to development of custom solutions to meet specialized requirements.

Ground Control Point Surveys 

Geocomp International has many years experience collecting ground control points (GCPs) for aerial images or LiDAR.  This vast experience enables our survey teams to readily identify suitable GCP features, use the most appropriate GNSS techniques and produce comprehensive report sheets.

Digital Cadastres

We have many years of experience in the compilation of spatially accurate digital cadastres. Using a combination of GNSS ground control, photogrammetric observations and the keyboard entry of cadastral survey and subdivision bearings & distances, spatially accurate digital cadastres are created. 


Geocomp International can meet your project's hydrographic survey needs; in rivers, lakes and coastal regions. Our portable Ceeducer Pro echo sounder and GNSS receiver can be rapidly mobilized enabling us to undertake hydrographic surveys practically anywhere in the world.

Hydrographic Surveys
As-constructed Asset Recording 

Geocomp International undertakes as-constructed surveys, outputing the digital data in D-Spec or R-Spec format plus creating the associated drawings. Using specialized software developed by Geocomp Consulting we offer the complete field to finish solution for as-constructed asset recording.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

If the size of your project does not warrent the mobilization of aircraft fitted with a large format aerial camera, we can assist with the supply of a suitable UAV with a small format camera. 

Mobile Scanning

Geocomp International deploys the Sabre Surveys Mobile Mapping System to collected point cloud data and imagery of route corridors such as highway networks, railway systems and urban areas. From the mobile platform, we can capture data while travelling at speeds of up to 70 km per hour and capture high density point clouds from an terrestrial Faro scanner.

Terrestrial Scanning

Typical terrestrial scanning projects include bridges, industrial pipe networks, heritage buildings, etc. Through the use of the latest technology terrestrial scanning equipment, Geocomp International can rapidly and non-obtrusively survey and model the most complex built environment situations.

Spatial Data Capture

Geocomp International's specialized team can be on your project site whenever needed for field data collection. Generally data manipulation and interpretation is undertaken in one of our offices, but if the source data cannot be exported due to time constraints or security concerns by local authorities, we can mobilize an experienced team to process data 'in-country'.

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