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Quality Control and Safety


Geocomp International operates under a strict regime of quality control and occupational health & safety, throughout all projects.

Quality Control

Geocomp International has its own Quality Management System to provide Quality Control and Quality Assurance of projects.


In project management, quality control requires the project manager and the project team to inspect the accomplished work to ensure its alignment with the project scope. In practice, projects typically have a dedicated quality control team which focuses on this area.


Geocomp International’s Quality Management System provides guidelines for improving project related activities through the following process:

  • Meeting project technical requirements

  • Ensuring quality control compliance

  • Attaining quality control objectives

  • Updating and improving our quality plan.

Review and Improvement

Although we do not yet have an ISO-9001 Quality Control System, we embrace the fundamental and basic requirements of ISO-9000, including:

  • Document control system

  • Resource management

  • Production planning

  • Implementation of company quality standards and check lists

  • Quality management rules and procedures.

Occupational Health and Safety

Geocomp International follows the Australian Work Safe Regulation requirements for any work we undertake.


Providing a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors, clients and visitors is our first priority for daily operations.


Our Management and staff alway maintain a high degree of safety awareness and adopt a pragmatic, positive, open culture which includes:

  • Maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers. Promoting a safe work culture with a zero near miss and accident policy, including prevention of work illnesses.

  • Protection of the environment within which we work, such that no harm occurs to people and the environment.

  • Preventing any material damage or loss to property.

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