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Since establishment in 2005 Geocomp International has undertaken a wide range of spatial projects across many countries; a selection of which is listed below:
Cambodia Forestry LiDAR Capture Project Phases I & II
Forestry Research Institute, Japan and Asia Air Survey : 2012, 2014


Geocomp International managed the flying of LiDAR over the project areas and the post processing of captured data.

International Airports GCP Surveys  Phases I & II
Compass Data : 2013


In addition to 12 Australian airports, Geocomp International surveyors collected Ground Control Points (GCPs) around more than 150 international airports in many countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and Myanmar.

Oversized Loads Route Survey
LAMSON Heavy Lift : 2011


LAMSON was required to transport oversized components to Longford from both Morwell and Port Albert. Geocomp International surveyed 18 critical road intersections and rail crossings to ensure the heavy lift vehicles could safely transit the proposed routes.

Aerial Acquisition Solutions Implementation & Training
de Bruin Spatial Technologies : 2010


Geocomp International assisted Mt Gambier based de Bruin Spatial Technologies in the selection, installation and training of a complete aerial acquisition system; including LiDAR and aerial camera.

LiDAR Control Point Surveys
DSE Alpine Regions & Victorian Flood Plains,Terranean : 2011
Lower Darling Basin, RPS : 2012


Using either CORS or Fast Static GNSS techniques Geocomp International surveyed horizontal and vertical control points across 5 Victorian snow resorts, 18 north-central Victorian locations and 22 locations across the Lower Darling Basin.

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