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Geographic Information Systems


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is commonly used to present a geographical representation of data for informed decision making by spatial analysis. A GIS is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of spatial data.


We offer GIS based solutions to clients, ranging from collection and merging of new data with existing databases, to development of custom solutions to meet specialized requirements.


Our GIS based solutions include:

  • Acquisition of geographical and attribute data.

  • Development and modification of GIS databases and data models.

  • Creation of topologies, geometric networks and geocoding.

  • Migration of existing data into GIS solutions.

  • Image processing services including rectification, ortho-rectification, image enhancement, tonal balancing and interpretation.

  • Raster and vector feature extraction (roads, rivers, etc.) and classification (land cover & land use)


We are also involved with Open GIS solutions to develop tools and solutions which can be used for GIS data processing.

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