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GeoCivil is the complete spatial data processing and mapping package for Surveyors, Engineers and Spatial Data Professionals.



  • Sophisticated survey download, reduction and manipulation tools

  • Unrivalled coordinate geometry, terrain modelling, sectioning and design tools

  • CAD drawing editor

  • Interoperable with data produced by AutoCAD, Civilcad, GEOCOMP, Microstation, MX, and more

  • Upgrades DOS GEOCOMP users to a Microsoft Windows environment



  • Survey download and processing

  • Stakeout

  • Subdivision design and checking

  • Terrain modelling, contouring & volumes

  • Cadastral surveying and mapping

  • Subdivision design; including ePlan

  • Feature surveying

  • Asset mapping; including A-Spec

  • Road and railway design

  • Sewer and drainage design

  • Drafting and hardcopy mapping

  • Digital data delivery

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