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DynaNet was developed by the University of Melbourne during the 1990's and its phased technique make it uniquely suited to the adjustment of practically unlimited sized networks.


Geocomp Consulting was appointed as the exclusive world-wide distributor of DynaNet in 1999 when embarking on an extensive study into the building of spatially accurate digital cadastres. The study, undertaken with support from the federal government Start Graduate Scheme, was completed in mid-2001 and identified 2 significant issues:

1. The need for an efficient means of obtaining digital cadastral survey data. This was was an Australia wide issue addressed by the introduction by ICSM of ePlan.

2. Shortcomings in the adjustment process overcome by DynaNet being rewritten for use on the GDA2020 national adjustment


DynaNet has been extensively tested by Geocomp Consulting since 2014 on whole of municipality adjustments of the Vicmap digital cadastre.

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