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Aerial Data Acquisition & Processing


Geocomp International has access to different digital data acquisition solutions and can provide the following services:


Leasing of Equipment

  • Survey aircraft with sensor hole

  • Vexcel cameras

  • Intergraph DMC cameras

  • VisionMap A3 cameras

  • Optech LiDAR sensors

  • Leica LiDAR sensors


Experienced Personnel

  • Navigators and camera operators

  • Flight operations managers and survey pilots

  • Data processing and quality control staff

Specialized Post Processing and On-site Quality Control

  • Vexcel UltraMap post processing

  • VisionMap Lightspeed post processing

  • Optech LMS post processing

  • Airborne GPS and IMU post processing


Surveying Services

  • Experienced surveyors for control surveys

  • GNSS base station for airborne trajectory computation


Additional to the above we can provide assistance importing aircraft and sensors plus undertake flight planning and facilitate flight permission approvals.

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